Natural Tips for Growth

Tall ManHeight is one of those things that many people (especially men) fret about. It’s unfortunate, but the truth is that we live in a world in which physical beauty and stature carry a great deal of weight. It seems that everywhere we look, we’re inundated with messages about how great tall men look and how women want to date the typical tall, dark and handsome man.

For a man who doesn’t quite measure up, it’s disconcerting. If you doubt your appeal based solely on your height, this can lead to a load of issues, including being self-conscious, becoming socially inactive and even doubting your own self worth.

This shouldn’t happen. I know you’ve heard the speech in the past about height not mattering, but the fact of the matter is that you’re on this page because it does bother you.

There are natural things you can do that can help you increase your height.

If you’re tired of being short, there is natural help for you too.


Exercises to Help You Grow Taller

One Natural Approach to Gaining Height

Whoever said that the body was a finely tuned machine was spot on. Most of us don’t fully Muscular young man in blue cap in swimming poolunderstand the potential of our own bodies, including growth. If you are aware of how to exercise in a specific way you can actually promote growth.

Exercising in the right way will release human growth hormone. Once that is released a growth phase can start.

A few easy exercises that are instrumental in helping you grow include:

Swimming. This is a sport you can do all year. Get into a regular routine of swimming laps each and every day.

Basketball. I know that guys who aren’t tall aren’t always up for the challenge of playing basketball with others. It involves a lot of good stretching though so if you’re not keen on joining a team, find one person to play with you.

Cycling. You can do this either inside or outside. Spend at least 15 minutes a day devoted to cycling.

 Stretching. This is one of the most important types of exercises to do to get taller. Focus on certain stretches including the super cobra, the cat stretch and wall stretching.

There is a method that may offer help with gaining height here.

You Are as Tall as What You Eat

There’s absolutely no denying that food plays a monumental role in growth. That’s the reason we’re always encouraged to drink our milk when we’re kids.

You can certainly use diet to help stimulate growth as there are specific foods believed to be high in the nutrients that help you get taller.

A few good examples of foods you should be adding to your diet include:

Milk. This is obviously no surprise. Calcium is the most essential mineral when it comes to growth. If you’re drinking full or part fat milk, switch over to skim.

Eggs.  Eggs are a great source of protein so add a few to your menu every week. Some people can tolerate eggs every day, and that’s even better. Just be mindful if you happen to have high cholesterol.

Green Salad With Grilled ChickenLegumes. Not a staple of everyone’s diet, but they are very beneficial when it comes to gaining height.

Fish and seafood.  Delicious, nutritious and beneficial to height. Adding fish to your regular rotation of dinner ideas is really helpful in many ways, including stimulating growth.

Food can play another important role in getting taller. You can actually change your height by including specific foods in your diet. Find out how.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots

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This book is filled with information about the human body and how you can actually encourage your body to grow.

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If your height is holding you back from having a fulfilling life, consider reading Grow Taller 4 Idiots.

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